A tree might seem like an unusual gift, but it can be a great way to show someone you care about them. A tree can stand as a living tribute to a family member or friend, a lasting demonstration of admiration, friendship, or love. Not only are trees a unique and thoughtful way to honor or remember friends and loved ones, they also provide beauty that people can enjoy now and for many years to come.
If you would like to give the gift of a tree, Greening Milwaukee has a Tree Gift Program that operates year-round. For just $25, you can have a tree planted anywhere in Milwaukee for yourself or as a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or all-purpose gift. The money goes toward tree planting in the group’s Adopt-a-Tree Initiative. Why would someone want to give a tree for a gift? 
Read about one family’s history with
tree giving in this excerpt from
“Trees: A Gift of Love.
“As my husband and I have discovered in the last thirty years, it’s not necessary to wait for Arbor Day in April to think about trees or plan for them. Our yard in western MA is our own little bit of Heaven on Earth, a fusion of memory and friendship gardens. Most trees and shrubs were planted to remember various celebrations, or were gifts, or have been grown from cuttings and seeds exchanged with friends and members of my garden club. Some of the more unusual ones were acquired through groups like The Friends of the Arnold Arboretum or grown from seeds located through seed exchanges of The American Horticultural Society or The Royal Horticultural Society…”
“The place of honor in the yard, however, goes to my Dawn Redwood Metasequoia glyptostroboides planted by my son and husband in 1991 to commemorate one of my more significant birthdays. They carefully sited the Dawn Redwood, tucked into a slight slope on our back hillside reminiscent of its ancestral growing conditions, so I could see it from my office window…”
For more information, or to give the gift of a tree contact Greening Milwaukee at:
Joe Wilson, Executive Director Greening Milwaukee 1313 W. Mt Vernon Ave. Milwaukee, WI, 53233 Phone:(414)272-5462 Fax:(414)272-5060 joewilson@greeningmilwaukee.org