If you’re getting ready to plant a tree, chances are you’ve already figured out where to plant it, what type of tree you want, and where you’re going to get the tree. If you haven’t done so, t’s important to give some thought to the many factors that go into choosing a tree. But if you’ve made up your mind and you’re ready to go, here are a few more things to consider before planting your tree.   Potential utility conflicts: When you choose a location, you probably know how important it is to avoid underground and overhead utility lines. But to make sure you won’t be running into any trouble, and to comply with Wisconsin law, you must still call Diggers Hotline at least three days before you dig to plant your tree. Trees planted too near underground lines could have their roots damaged if the lines need to be dug up for repairs. The location of electric, telephone, cable, water, sewer and natural gas lines should have a direct impact on your tree and planting site selection. Planting tall growing trees under or near overhead utility lines will ultimately require your utility to prune them to maintain safe clearance from the wires. Trees which must be pruned away from power lines are under greater stress and more susceptible to insects and disease. Trees with a mature height of less than 20 feet may be planted anywhere under utility lines and are also recommended when the growing space is limited. Low-growing tees will not reach utility lines. They will not create public safety hazards, cause service interruption to you or your neighbors, nor will they require severe pruning. Best times to plant: The ideal time to plant deciduous trees is during the dormant season – in the fall after leaf drop or early spring before bud break. This period of cool weather allows plants to begin establishing roots in their new location before spring rains and summer heat stimulate new top growth. Tree planting can be extended through spring if trees are cared for on a regular basis. Tools you may need:
  •  Shovel
  • Mulch Material
  • Pruning Shears
  • Bucket
  • Tree Wrap Material
  • Water
  • Staking Material