Here are some helpful resources you can use if you’re thinking of planting a fruit tree or if you already have one.
This on-line PDF file can be easily downloaded to your desktop, printed, or saved to a disk. The document offers a detailed account of apple tree planting, care, maintenance, pest control, harvesting, disease, nutrition, and weed management. It also offers a wide range of step by step illustrations to aid you in the process of planting and caring for your apple tree.
Pears in Wisconsin

Two types of pears are suited for growth in Wisconsin’s climate: “European” pears, which we are most familiar with, and “Asian” pears, shaped like apples with a delicate pear flavor. This PDF document outlines the basics of pear tree selection and growth. Here you can learn about pear flowers and fruit, site selection and preparation, rootstock selection, pruning tips, and much more. The site offers a detailed account of everything you might want to know about growing pears in your garden or orchard.

Urban Horticulture: University of Wisconsin
This is the University of Wisconsin-Extension site offers a wealth of gardening information, featuring the most complete source of horticulture information for Wisconsin on the Internet. The site provides gardening facts, urban horticulture updates, tips for indoor and outdoor gardening, horticulture weather updates, and an alphabetical listing of pest references. You will find information about fruit and vegetable care, maintenance, disease, and pest control, as well as a plethora of links and PowerPoint presentations with detailed accounts of tree care.