So you decided to plant a tree, and you’re wondering where to start… there are so many different trees to choose from! Picking a tree is a decision you should spend a little more time with than, say, deciding what to wear in the morning. Considering the fact that most trees have the potential to outlive the people who plant them, your decision could have a long-lasting impact. If you do a good job matching the tree to the site, many lives will benefit.

Choosing wisely can also help add value to your property – you can look at it as a long-term investment. If you choose well, you will add value to your property.

When landscaping a new home or replacing a tree lost to damage or disease, be sure to keep this in mind.

But how do you even start going about making the right decision?

Well, it’s not too complicated if you take the time to become familiar with all the factors that should be considered, read up on the types of trees that are well-suited to our Midwest climate, and think carefully about a location for your new tree. Then, you’ll be ready to head to the nursery and pick one that will be good for you.