Greening Milwaukee

Greening Milwaukee is a non-profit organization dedicated to making Milwaukee greener by showing people how easy it is to plant trees and how planting trees can have many positive effects- both on people and the environment. And we’ll be happy to give you a tree - for free! On the pages ahead, you’ll find that there are many good reasons to plant trees. There is a wealth of information on how to choose the right tree, helpful tips to guide you as you decide where and how to plant your tree, and useful information on how to care for trees.

Greening Milwaukee: A brief history

Greening Milwaukee is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and preservation of trees. In the 1960s the city of Milwaukee lost over 200,000 trees to the Dutch Elm epidemic. Although many trees on public property were replanted, many on private property were not. Trees currently make up just 26% of the city’s canopy cover. The organization’s goal is to increase canopy coverage to 40%. Greening Milwaukee re-establishes urban greenery by working with community groups and individual citizens to plant hundreds of trees throughout the spring and fall.