But don't just take our word for it -
read the evidence yourself.
Faster Recovery: Scientific studies say the calming impact of trees helps reduce stress, as well as helping patients recover faster and with less medicine than patients who can not view a natural landscape. Roger Ulrich has made a convincing case for the health benefits of trees and other greenery in a paper he presented at a Plants for People conference.
Better focus: Trees can help kids with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) get relief from symptoms like restlessness, impulsiveness, aggression, poor listening skills, and inability to focus on tasks, according to a study by University of Illinois researchers Andrea Faber Taylor, Frances E. Kuo, and William C. Sullivan. The greener the setting, the more the relief. By comparison, playing in paved, non-green areas or watching TV indoors leave ADD children functioning worse.
Cleaner air: Trees help clean the air, giving off oxygen for us to breathe and reducing pollutants that can cause asthma and other respiratory problems.
Trees can also reduce exposure to ultra-violet radiation, which increases the risk of skin cancer.

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